The BotCave is currently home to 13 team members and 6 mentors for Team Botman, the
FIRST robotics team sponsored by Boeing and Central Heights High School.

     The BotCave is located at Central Heights High School  in eastern Kansas approximately 60 miles southwest of  Kansas City between the towns of  Richmond, Princeton, Rantoul, and Lane. 

     Central Heights High School competed in FIRST Robotics for the first time in 2002 at the St. Louis Regional with five students and one sponsor from the school's gifted education program.  Since that time the team has evolved, sponsorship has changed, and the membership has grown.  


     FIRST Foundation was created For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.  FIRST's  robotics competition "combines the rigors of science and technology with the excitement of sports."  Under strict rules, students have six weeks to turn a kit of parts into a robot to compete with at a regional competition, with the hopes of making it to the championships in St. Louis, Missouri.

Name: Desytni Howard

Nickname: Bubbles

Years as Member: 1

Quote: "Blame it on Dillon"

Best Robotics Memory: When Dillon got blamed for every messed up button.

Name:  Julia Kice

Nickname: K. Razy

Years Mentoring: 7

Quote: "Dance like no one is watching."

Favorite Color: Hunter Green

Words of Advice: Homework doesn't count as completed until you have turned it in.


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